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France puts forward a new surveillance law

In France, in an atmosphere charged by terrorist threats and attacks, an intelligence bill that opens the door to massive and widespread surveillance of individuals and businesses is being passed by the National Assembly on April 13, 2015. It can become effective as soon as the end of this year, possibly before the end.

Protest NSA mass surveillance: Add your voice

Since the start of 2012, when the SOPA legislation was defeated by a grassroots opposition movement led by large Internet companies, political power over the information resources that Internet represents has shifted. Ordinary people and the companies they use have become a force for change, or at least to oppose restrictions on individual rights. This week we have a chance to make a real difference again, in the critical area of reforming the law governing mass surveillance.

Online Privacy needs your help

here are disturbing revelations coming from a whistleblower about U.S. Government surveillance programs that track phone calls and our online communications. Even your so-called private messages via Skype or Facebook can be read by spy agencies under a secret program called PRISM, run by the NSA (National Security Agency). They will not stop unless we demand they stop. Can we count on you?

Gandi Supports CFAA Reform – the right way

Some of you are aware that Gandi supports many non-profit organizations and philanthropic associations with free or discounted hosting and/or domains. Often we choose who to support based on the mission of the organization, and whether that mission aligns with the needs and interests of our community: the community of Internet innovators, of which we are proud to be members. Every so often the interests of our community need more than just support. They need to be defended from attack by narrower interests, and so today Gandi is participating in a campaign with the EFF, CDT and others to help create a meaningful improvement in a dangerously broad law in the USA: The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

Gandi helps to found the Internet Infrastructure Coalition

A new organization is forming to fight for a free and open internet. Gandi is proud to be a founding member!

The Internet Infrastructure Coalition ( has been created by more than 40 leading companies in the hosting industry. The mission is to help protect the Internet from improperly formulated regulation, like the SOPA/PIPA and CISPA legislation in the US, and to drive the investment, innovation, and openness that allows the Internet to be an engine for continued growth.

Of course, Gandi is a founding member!

Gandi took a position opposing SOPA and PIPA, and more recently CISPA. Our joining together with other organizations that also opposed this flawed legislation gives Gandi more of a voice in shaping policy, and helps us to achieve our goal of keeping the Internet safe for the free flow of information.

Gandi cares about our customers rights, and we want to see all our customers have a safe, rich, and uncensored online experience. These goals are shared by the I2C, who has made part of it's mission the education of law and policy makers about issues of privacy, freedom of information, security, and innovation. We at Gandi look forward to contributing our perspective to this important, powerful industry group.

Gandi Stands in Opposition to CISPA

Some of you may have heard about the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA. Gandi took a position against this legislation for good reasons. The US Congress is once again considering acts that abrogate existing privacy law on the Internet, this time in the name of stopping cyber attacks. One particularly heinous act is called CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.