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A new ICANN registrar agreement is on the way - What does it mean for Gandi customers?

With the arrival of new gTLD extensions set for late 2013, ICANN has, more or less in agreement with registrars like Gandi, decided to implement a new registrar accreditation agreement. We will be required to sign this new contract to continue registering new domains. This will have ripple effects through the industry for everyone who holds domain registrations, and is therefore subject to ICANN's contracts. The effects will mainly have to do with the validity of customer data in the whois database.

Network Solutions Caught Red-Handed

Have you ever gone to register a domain name, only to discover that that between the time you made your whois search (perhaps you looked it up during your lunch break at work), and the time that you purchased it (say, when you came home in the evening), that the domain name was suddenly no longer available? That the domain name you once thought could be yours for 12 euros at Gandi was now being sold on a restricted basis for a higher price and at a different registrar?